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  1. Home Coming Queen Elections Mared By Cheating
    You cannot silent the truth.What is the school doing to uphold the constitutional rights of students that exercised their right to vote,when another student a friend of one of the candidates sat at the ballot table. Did she changed ballots.? What are the normal procedures? Where was the teacher in charge? Is that why the students Booed the new Queen, is it because she cheated and the students know. I was told that the school is reviewing the video tapes,let the tape speak for its self. If we do nothing what lessons are we teaching our children,that it is okay to cheat. Don’t let this be another situation that is swept under the rug. Speak to your children,and then call the school to voice your opinion

    1. Cheating
      NO STUDENT that attends the school should sit at the voting desk telling voters what candidate to vote for. If a candidate is running for an election can someone working on their campaign sit at the poll? CHECK OUT THE VIDEO TAPE… Why do you think the students Booed, if the majority voted for her.Theses students were robbed of their constitutional rights and they know it. Their vote did not count. I was told last night that the students are not happy and there will be a FULL INVESTIGATION

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