Talk of the Sound Launches New Web Calendar for New Rochelle Events

Written By: Robert Cox


We are very excited to announce the launch of our newest service, a customized version of a Helios Calendar for New Rochelle events. You can access the calendar directly or see a list of upcoming events in the center of the home page under “New Ro Calender”.

eventful.jpgThis is a very cool subscription calendar service which offers much more than a simple list or calendar view of events, including:

  • RSS feeds
  • iCal/vCal downloads and subscriptions
  • One-click exporting to Google & Yahoo web calendars
  • Advanced event search
  • Integration with Google Maps and Eventful event publishing
  • Event sharing via email and social networks with links to over seventy of the most popular social bookmark/content sharing sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious, and many more
  • A mobile version of the New Rochelle’s Talk of the Sound Calendar
  • An iPhone app from Eventful
  • iPhone users can also save a link to the mobile version on their iPhone desktop

C4D4E7C8-7503-4452-B607-3E37D08C69E8.jpgTo get started I entered events from the City of New Rochelle public calendar, the New Rochelle Public Library Calendar, the New Rochelle District Calendar and the BID web site as well as a few additional events that I ran across over the past week. I am going to try and add some more. Down the road I will consider enabling public event submission and event registration but in the meantime I will offer editing privileges to folks in town who run organizations or events and wish to make sure their events get listed.

B939B935-CF0A-4184-9EE1-736FB28E2F36.jpgAs will become apparent upon inspection, Helios Calender is a very powerful event promotions tool, offering a comprehensive suite of event promotion tools unlike anything available in a simple online calendar. Publishing events is now easier then ever and will be far more effective.

2B2FB721-6796-44FF-8D6C-4BFC1F909FF7.jpgOur hope is that as more people come to rely on our centralized list of events in New Rochelle more event organizers will list their events, creating a virtuous circle where one calendar offers one-stop shopping for event organizers and those looking for events.