Dangers of Misuse of Health Indices Very Real

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Some six months ago, at a school board meeting, I raised the issue of BMI (body mass index) data collection by the school system. Subsequently, I wrote about the possible consequences that could flow from such data collection; separate school lunch lines, denial of services and possible penalties for parents of children identified as too heavy or too thin. No doubt many thought my concerns were the fevered imaginings of a far right conspiracy theorist; a charter member of the vast right wing conspiracy. Would that it were so!

Now we learn that children are being denied health insurance on the basis of their BMI. Rocky Mountain Health Plans recently denied insurance to four month old Alex Lange because, according to his growth chart, he was too heavy. United Health Care, on the other hand, would not insure two year old Aislin Bates because, at twenty two pounds, she is regarded as too thin.

What will happen when the federal government is calling the health care tune. Will federal agents be removing children from their homes and placing them in “rehabilitation centers” to correct their unhealthy eating habits? Perhaps we could fine parents $1000 for every pound over or under the approved weight standard set by health care czar Izzy Emmanuel.

It would seem if school officials are so enamored with the idea of the government coercing students into turning over medical information to the state they ought to be willing to do join the students and turn over their information too. As role models for our children, I am sure we can all agree that teachers and staff should be in the forefront of this noble endeavor to improve our children’s health and lead by their example.


We already know that our teachers are always prepared to sacrifice their rights for the greater good of protecting our children’s health.

NY Judge Temporarily Stops Mandatory Shots: A lawsuit challenging the emergency state regulation issued in August, claiming that the regulation violates civil rights, was filed by a group of nurses. Two labor unions are also involved in the struggle: New York State Public Employees Federation and New York State United Teachers. Both groups and a lawyer for the nurses praised the judge’s order and vowed to continue pushing back.

Hmmm. Then again, maybe not.

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