CORRECTION: No Arrests During Ursuline “Ring Day” Roundup

Written By: Robert Cox

Talk of the Sound reported previously that dozens of Ursuline students were arrested before school. New Rochelle Police now tell Talk of the Sound that although the girls were taken from the scene by police they were not arrested.

Police records show that on October 16th, NRPD received an anonymous call reporting disorderly behavior on Indian Trail, not far from the Ursuline School. Police responded to Indian Trail and found 19 adolescent females. All were students of the Ursuline School and it was learned that they were celebrating ring day. Although no students were observed drinking, the responding officers noted that the ground was littered with beer bottles and cans. Al of the students were brought to Ursuline School and left in the custody of the school’s principal, and assistant principal who in turn notified the parents. No arrests were made nor summonses issued.