Bruce Negrin Radio Show Thursday Night 8pm WVOX 1460 am &

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New Rochelle News and Views is back this Thursday night. Listen, call and enjoy. Studio line is 914-636-0110

Show Topics:

Barry Fertel, the torch bearer for partisan politics! By the way Barry, how did YOUR side do this election?

Now I know why people think New Rochelle is wonderful.

The Downtown Bid vs. The NR Chamber of Commerce – the fight has been won. Is it good for all of New Rochelle?

Election Recap

2 thoughts on “Bruce Negrin Radio Show Thursday Night 8pm WVOX 1460 am &”

  1. Surrey Drive
    Hey, “Brucie”!
    You are awesome! I didn’t ‘know about your radio show until Michael Rabin sent me a photo from the old days!
    I loved to babysit for you!
    Don’t know if you remember me….

    Julie Greenbaum

    1. Next Door on Surrey Drive to be exact

      Of course I remember. How much is left to be debated but I would not forget you. Nor Andy n Ricky, Michael or Gary Wallach.

      my email is Through there I can give you an update on whats going on.

      Great to hearfrom you.

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