Show and Tell in the New Rochelle High Schools Boys Locker Room

Written By: Deprecated User

Last Saturday was Halloween and the real degenerate Ghoul was a part-time Security Guard at NRHS who brought his two little daughters to work with him inside the Boys Locker Room.

It was such a sick-psycho ordeal that it dictates some kind of legal or administrative investigation. It was a scornful violation of school and moral ethics that transcends the unconscionable. Just the mere thought of exposing your daughters to a Locker Room culture is so morbidly pathological that Freud would have trouble dealing with it. Even if you made it through the Sixties with your brain fried from acid, it would be incredibly inconceivable to do something so perverted. But the dramatic effects of abusing ethic neutrality warrants the Board of Ed. to respond and retaliate. Yet, given the spineless Board’s historical past, they will write off this incident to salvage the school’s distorted image.

In view of the attendant circumstances the arrogant part-time Ghoul—who is also a County Cop—is untouchable because he is in the brotherhood of the badge. He feels he has privilege and can do whatever he wants without redress, in as much as the School Administration tacitly supports and sustains this kind of policy.

The crucible that the Board now faces will be traditionally dismissed and the b.s. that the Superintendent will skillfully spin on his weekly segment of WVOX will have the same fingerprints that it had on the teachers salary issue.