Taxes to get Hiked 8.9% says Strome

Written By: Deprecated User

The Journal News reports a 8.9% Tax Increase for 2010 being touted as the only solution to the economic woes New Rochelle is experiencing. Frankly there are many tax payers who feel that the City has yet to cut enough before coming for us once again.
I guess all those developer give aways and PILOTS doled out by Bramsons pals on the IDA are coming home to roost.
Strome is playing us all as he speaks of the large percentage and then the Council can wrangle it down to a mear 5% which is just a sham.
And the New Rochelle Democrats will still reElect these idiots. Lets Remember the Mayor and the Council voted themselves a heafty pay raise a couple of years back. They just voted around the hiring freeze to give their cronie Benny Giles 90K for a clerks position that could be done 2 days per week. The waste in New Rochelle is huge and it never occurs to start some major cutting. I hope the voters finally wake up in 2010 and vote Bramson and the rest of the Democratic hacks out. Nah won’t happen open up the check books here it comes.