Board of Sanitization

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Religiously faithful to their dogmatic character of being two-faced and spineless, the Board of Ed. and the High School Administration have once again whitewashed another incident.
After a superficial and perfunctory investigation the School artfully exonerated the sick-psycho who brought his daughters into the Boys Locker Room. They acquitted the purulent idiot predicated on his lying testimony that he didn’t do it, despite members of the football team, coaches, other security guards, and a Security Supervisor, who witnessed the impropriety.
This is just another example of the cunning deception and tactics the BOE imposes on New Ro to sustain a pseudo-sanitized image of the High School.
The time has definitely come to reorganize and radically change the structure of the Board by eradicating the antiquated process of selection.
Instead of candidates being elected “at large,” they should be elected by “District” like the City Council. And they should also be paid like the City Council to create incentive and a full sense of accountability.
What we have now is an inherent manipulation and exclusive control of any proposed candidates by the Board.
But in reality, to consider election of the BOE by “District” would be useless gesture because New Ro has fostered and tolerated the Board’s moral transgressions and accepted the residual effects of their negligent agendas as convention.
New Ro justifiably deserves the enema they get from the 8.9% school tax every year.

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  1. The BOE is happy, but
    I know we are suppose to be happy about the football team getting into to the State championship, but I am curious as to how many of the players are academically ineligible to continue to play now? How many were eligible on Sept 1st? Surprising that so many of these kids all of a sudden fail all of their classes as soon as the season is over. Same is true for the soccer players. Has anyone heard of the term “we are pimping our kids?”. Is there any honor and ethics anymore in ensuring that education comes first? I guess all of this winning detracts from addressing real school issues.

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