Cookie Criminals Invade Ward School

Written By: Robert Cox

Cakes at Ward copy.jpg

At least one evil purveyor of sweets will be peddling their wares at the Ward School this weekend at the school’s upcoming Christmas Boutique. Cakes are well-known to be a “gateway sweet” which can lead kids to consume hardcore sweets like cookies, pies and cupcakes.

Meanwhile, the same Ward PTA that is going to selling cakes, cookies and pies at the school has issued its wellness guidelines which prohibit parents and children from brining cakes, cookies and pies to the school.

The Ward School Administration has developed Wellness Guidelines for School Food and Snacks in an effort to improve the health of our children. The guidelines specify that the foods our children bring into the school for snacks and celebrations are healthy choices.

Of course, the entire policy of banning cookies, cakes and pies from school is idiotic but if you are going keep telling parents and kids that cookies, cakes and pies are banned from school then you should not turn around and start selling cookies, cakes and pies when you want to raise money.

How about the district end the hypocrisy and reverse the policy to bring it inline with actual practice.