When the Developer Extensions Become More Like Hostage Negotiations, It’s Time to Let Go

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As the city council wrestles with the decision on whether or not to grant extensions to developers, prime property sits, vacant, nearly blighted. Property that would otherwise be on the tax rolls, generating commerce and life to the downtown area has been held hostage by a developer who admits it could be years before anything happens. As they struggle to keep afloat, their pitchman comes to town with all the drama of a snake oil salesman, apparently lying to council about the benefits of their latest concoction. In their efforts to stay afloat, the developers are asking the citizens of this great city to hold their potential profits safe for them, until they can drive their trucks to town to pick up the cash and leave New Rochelle to pay for their margins. I’ll say it again, how much longer can we continue to socialize the burden while privatizing the profits. It is not sustainable planning, unless of course, council raises taxes to support the burdens of PILOT programs and abatements. How much more can YOU afford next year, the year after, and on and on. By their own admission, both Capelli and Forest City see nothing on the horizon so why should the city be held hostage by developers who can’t support the city, yet won’t let go because of the potential for profit years from now. If we grant extensions, what will happen? Nothing. Not granting the extensions leaves the city no worse for wear. In fact, it opens the doors for options that didn’t exist one or two years ago. The owners of the building on Anderson St can end the damage suffered from Capelli’s failure to satisfy their contract. The Armory sits, waiting to be freed from hostage, with investors ready to commit to restoring historic icon and allowing it to engage the public and contribute to the neighborhoods. It’s time to move forward, without the shackles of the current development plans and explore the potential that already exists. Hundreds, if not thousands of citizens realize this and plenty are ready to come forward and be part of the new New Rochelle. Better, not bigger. If the Lecount and Echo Bay plans are so worthy, the developers will stick around, but they’ll have to compete for it. Both of these plans turn over prime property to private interests. Echo Bay will be COMPLETELY owned by Forest City. They talk in terms of "public" space, but the public can only use it as long as Forest City says it’s OK. It will ALL be privately owned.

So free the hostages, say no to developer extensions. The city will be fine. It always survives, always has, always will, long before Capelli and Forest City came to town. Let council know your thoughts

Noam Bramson, Mayor Phone: (914) 654-2150 Fax: (914) 654-2357 E-mail: NBramson@ci.new-rochelle.ny.us

Louis Trangucci, Council Member, District #1 Home Phone: (914) 235-0499 E-mail:Louistrangucci@aol.com

Albert Tarantino, Council Member, District #2 Contact Number:914 633-1985 E-mail: ataranti@newrochelleny.com

James Count Stowe, Council Member, District #3 Phone/Fax: 914 633-1049 E-mail: JAMESCOUNT@AOL.COM

Councilman Richard St. Paul, District #4 Phone: (914) 420-6887 E-mail: rstpaul@newrochelleny.com

Barry R. Fertel, Council Member, District #5 Phone: (914)-740-4346 E-mail:bfertel@newrochelleny.com

Marianne L. Sussman, Council Member, District #6 Phone: (914-740-7385 E-mail: mariannesussman@optonline.net

Or contact them through the City of New Rochelle website

Tell them to remove the stranglehold on the city and let the city move on. You’ll be glad you did.