Journal News Breaks Major Story on Yankee Event at Greentree Country Club

Written By: Robert Cox

The Journal News broke a major story today about the….oh wait…sorry…we broke this story last month. Oops.

Here is the JN’s slightly stale version of our story from before Thanksgiving: Yankees event a hit, but New Rochelle officials call it illegal

As the Journal News appears disinclined to tell readers that Talk of the Sound broke this story two weeks ago, allow me.

A-Rod, Joba, Girardi and Past Yankees Stars Appear at Illegal Event at New Rochelle Club as City Officials Stand Idle

Greentree Country Club and Steiner Exec Socked with Large Fines for Illegal Yankee Event with A-Rod

For those wondering WHY the event was allowed to proceed even though the event was reported by the Journal News prior to the event you will want to read about the connection between the City Manager responsible for enforcing City Ordinances and the Greentree Country Club.

City Manager Charles Strome’s Country Club Biggest Tax Delinquent in New Rochelle, Over Half-Million Dollars

In other news, the Journal News is reporting that the Hindenburg has crashed, repeat the Hinderburg has crashed.