Our Benevolent Dictator

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We do not need a Mayor in New Rochelle. The city is a corporation and it is run by a paid City Manager. He makes all administrative decisions and makes policy suggestions to the elected body that is City Council. Simple. We do not need a Mayor. We do not need Noam Bramson!!!!

Over the next several weeks, we will begin a signature campaign to get rid of the Mayor position in New Rochelle. The elimination of his position (and salary) will hopefully be enough to save one firefighter position. New York State Election Law, section 4-108 and Municipal Home Rule Law Article 3, section 20-28 allows for citizens to file for a referendum to be placed on the ballot in Nov 2010.

This will be a grassroots effort and it is our hope that the community will respond. This effort will transcend political parties and will highlight the unethical behavior of Noam Bramson. Thank you all for your anticipated participation and support. All we will need is your signature.

2 thoughts on “Our Benevolent Dictator”

  1. This IS fascinating
    Without commenting on the specific idea of the Mayor or of 4 council districts or any other idea folks may offer, I must say that this idea of direct democracy is fascinating. I certainly want to understand the details of just how this sort of thing works. I also would want to know if it can be applied to the Board of Education as well.

    We certainly need to try SOMETHING because at every level of government there is a clear lack of will to make hard choices and to much kowtowing to special interest groups, deep-pocketed political donors and “connected” individuals.

    Please tell us more.

  2. Another Referendum Needed, Four Council Districts
    Many people tell me there is another referendum which is needed: to go back to four council districts. With four districts council members will have a more city-wide perspective. I am sure many people would circulate this petition so there can be a vote on both issues at the same time.

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