Same-sex Marriage Continues to be Dis…

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Same-sex Marriage Continues to be Discussed

In the December ll issue of the Sound Report an article, “Same-sex marriage defeat hits home,” reported that State Senator Suzi Oppenheimer claimed although her office was deluged by calls telling her not to vote for this, she voted for same-sex marriage as a “basic matter of civil rights.” 


In the same issue a letter by James Jackson (below) appeared:


Marriage is Between a Man and a Woman
Senator Suzi Oppenheimer’s religious faith view that a vote on gay marriage would “repair the world” has a hollow ring to it.  The New York State Catholic Conference stated the bipartisan vote against gay marriage in the New York State Senate acknowledged that gay marriage is not discriminatory.  Instead the vote reinforced the concept that Americans understand that marriage is between a man and a woman.  Many religions stand firm on this belief which the Bible reinforces.
Oppenheimer’s view that gay marriage is a civil rights issue has also been criticized.  Huckabee defined civil rights in a broad way such as the right to be employed but he felt the concept of gay marriage redefines an established institution in our society.
Senator Diaz, one the the eight Democrats who opposed gay marriage, pointed out that in the few states where gay marriage has been approved, it was done by a vote of the legislature or the courts.  He said this was an issue for the people to vote on.   
Senator Oppenheimer has the right to her opinion but there are many God-fearing people who disagree with her.    By: James Jackson