Apparently Bramson DID Sell Out…Just Follow the Money

Written By: Deprecated User

Another contributor previously wrote about campaign contributions. They provided a link to the state campaign lists . It makes for interesting reading . You can see why there wasn’t any action on Procopio , the procopio family consistently donates to the campaign of the mayor . I couldn’t find Capelli or Apicella but I’m sure there’s a link somewhere . Most disturbing is the $5,000 rom Forest Citys Ratner family for the mayorial campaign . A family from Cleveland decides to support a mayorial candidate only to later come before the mayor as a developer . Remember , the city had to pick Forest City from a list of 6 developers who submitted concepts . So , long before the selection process began , the Forest City group was positioning themselves with pre selection discussions with Noam Bramson . Why else would a family from Cleveland find it in their hearts to support New Rochelle ? The whole thing stinks backroom dealings.

Got a better explanation ? Let’s hear it.

Follow the money .