Pink Slips

Written By: Deprecated User

On Monday December 14 the City of New Rochelle handed out pinkslips to their employees. 5 Firemen, 3 Community Service Officers and 1 employee from CSEA. I want the residents of New Rochelle to know how serious the loss of these positions will be. We already know the obvious about the Fire Department, but what you dont know is how important a CSO really is. Not only do CSO’s generate alot of money for this city by enforcing parking violations, but they are the voices on the other end of the phone when your life is in danger, when your loved ones need an ambulance or when you just want to call and complain. CSOs are responsible for answering your calls and dispatchng the Officers to your homes. 2 of the CSOs being laid off do just that. Laying off these CSOs will mean they have to be replaced. Besides losing the 3rd to be layed off from outdoors , Management will have to take 2 more CSOs who handle parking enforcement and put them in communications to cover the shortage. If they decide not to do that, then Police Officers will be taken off the street getting paid an Officers salary to do a CSOs job. This will keep 2 more Officers off the streets from protecting you. Do you see the trickle effect. I think it is an outrage the City cant see it. They have the nerve to tell their Employees to give up their raise for 2010 to save their Co-Workers job. Why should that be put on their shoulders when this City has been mis-managed for years. Did this City need new sidewalks, do City Officials need City vehicles to be used for their own personal use. Dont forget where they get the gas from! It may be a far cry from $800,000 but 1 car and a years worth of gas could probably save a job. No need to re-hash who owes the City money and why but I will add that a Councilman’s vehicle is not only expired but scofflaw for parking violations he hasnt paid..and the best perk of them all is because hes a Councilman the CSO was told to leave his car alone. Im sure by tomorrow it will all be cleared up..The City is handing out pink slips to the wrong people.