Firefighters in Tentative Agreement with City of New Rochelle; Deal Would Avert Layoffs

Written By: Robert Cox

img6.jpgThe City of New Rochelle and Firefighters UFFA Local 273 have come to a tentative agreement that would defer money owed under contractual raises until retirement. In exchange, the City will not layoff any firefighters this year. Union members and the City Council would both have to ratify the agreement. We will publish details of the accord as we get them.


8 thoughts on “Firefighters in Tentative Agreement with City of New Rochelle; Deal Would Avert Layoffs”

  1. four to go
    as mentioned i am delighted for the firefighters. there are, though 3 or 4 people laid off as their unions with reasonable cause, did not want to unsettle a settled contract.

    there should be enough money available from more vigorous budget cuts, deferrals of all exempt or non union increases, returns from the council and mayor on increases granted several years earlier and modest salary reducions from the city manager, commissioners, to fund these jobs. it is the right thing to do!

    a reader raised a question about $3 million dollar grant earlier. Not sure of the amount, but Commissioner Kiernan reported at the Legion Post 108 public session (think it was there) that the City did receive a sizable grant providing certain conditions were met. Think an article stating same might have appeared in the Westchester Herald likely under Peggy’s by-line. It may have involved hiring an additional firefigher as well.

    So, maybe we can do someting more to get these four people back.

    warren grossd

  2. Firefighters
    If the city does not put in writing that there will be no layoffs if the firefighters defer their raises, then its just another lie by the city fathers.
    I also understand that a grant of 3 million dollars was located by the city. Someone know if that is true or not?

  3. Bittersweet
    I’m so happy to hear that the situation appears to be resolving.

    But, I’m also really upset to read that it’s such a short-term solution – the city promises not to layoff firefighters for 1 year??!! It should just never be acceptable – period. It certainly shouldn’t be used as a political tool.

    Thanks for the coverage so far … also for those one facebook:

  4. A Job Well Done!
    This “agreement” left all sides discontented which makes it the right thing to do. I just pray that the rank and file membership of the Firefighters Union and the majority of City Council ratify the tentative agreement for only then will a Merry Christmas turn into a Happy New Year for all. A job well done for the citizens of New Rochelle!

    Merry Christmas & a Healthy New Year

    Anthony Galletta

  5. firefighters
    this is the news many of us wanted to hear. Other issues, and Lord knows there are plenty of these, take a back seat to this news especially with Christmas just around the corner. Some fine men will find peace and comfort during this blessed season.

    We should be grateful for many members of the public and yes, some public officials who have lent their support and voice to this decision as imperfect as it is.

    Yet as some passionate and dedicated advocates for our City have stated, there are many matters that require attention. While the economy is something that affects us all and makes some public officials desperate maybe even less than hnest or ethical, we should give thanks for life, family and work for a brighter tomorrow.

    If this and other lamentable situations have proven, there is still power in people than can be activated for the greater good. And, despite what some say, it can be done with reason, good grace and strong resolve to make a better community.

    My wishes to all, and I mean all, for a happy holiday season for you and your family. And, in this world of political correctness, let me say it as I remember it from my youth, Merry Christmas.

    warren d gross

  6. That’s just great that our
    That’s just great that our city can afford to keep these 10 employees around at the expense of a 6% tax increase. Where are the restraints? All I hear from city hall, the mayor and the council is: Tax, Tax & higher Taxes as if the world hadn’t changed and beleive me it has changed.

    1st it was the sales tax. Then came the library tax. Then came the garbage tax. Did I forget any? When will it end? We don’t live in Scarsdale or Larchmont and have to deal with housing projects and the rif-raf that live there so what gives? Most roads are in pretty poor shape so where does the money go? I’ll tell you where, we’re employing over a 1000 people, many that earn well over $100k. Plus there’s pension costs on top.

    Alot of citizens of New Rochelle are facing foreclosure because they can’t afford to pay the bills. The tax escrow portion of my mortgage payment just keeps getting higher and now exceeds the principal and interest portion and no one in city hall cares. All they care about is how much overtime they can rack-up during their last years so they can pad their pensions, which nobody in the private sector offers. I wish I could shop around like for my insurance, but it doesn’t work that way. Oh I almost forgot the presitigous bike path signs that now direct us to nowhere. What happened to Ward Acres? Didn’t we bond/borrow $500k a few years ago to cut the vines or something up there? It doesn’t look any better so I’d say we wasted $500k and the bond/loan probably matures 30 years from now.

    All these examples why Noam’s got to go. He’s the Mayor and supposed to be our leader, but I don’t feel I’m being led anywhere, except to the poor house. Luckily, I’ve been able to pay my taxes so far, but the true cost of high property taxes is hidden/buried in the low values of our homes. Who wants to move here and pay $15,000 to $20,000 in property taxes? Absolutely no one and that’s why I’m upset by the lack of fiscal restraint at City Hall.

    Noam’s just going to say, aside from how great the city is doing, that the city tax portion is only 20% of my tax bill and that I should really be eyeing the schools and I just think that’s a cop-out attitude that never solved anything. He’s the 1 who left the equalization rate the same as last year that’s sure to trigger a tsunami of tax certioraris next June thats going to raise everyone’s taxes just a little bit more.

    In answer to my question at the begining, it just never ends!

    1. Something tells me the City
      Something tells me the City is going to come back at the end of 2010 with the same old sob story, threatening layoffs once again, in order to “defer” raises.
      Miss the dedicated/conscientiuos guys on the job, but tickled pink to be retired. The City lied to us for the whole 20 years I was there. They always had a stash of money somewhere, they just waited until negotiations were done to reveal how much they had.
      Maybe they should give some of it back to the taxpayers. Nah! Never happen. Officials need to fill the gas tanks of their city provided vehicles which they use as their personal property.
      Do they have city-provided credit cards too?

    2. How in the world did the
      How in the world did the burden of layoffs become the Union’s responsibilty? Why do they have to choose between a raise and losing members? Let the City do the dirty work, they’re the IRRESPONSIBLE ones here.
      Does anyone not think the City will be right back here at the end of 2010 with more threats? Get a grip, don’t diminish the benefits for the short term. These guys will be back on duty soon, FF’s are retiring in 2010, the City will need to replace them. Giving up benefits you’ll never get back is a bad decision.
      Let the City explain to their residents why response times are increasing, let them take the flak.

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