Fourth Grader, Formerly of Ward and Trinity in New Rochelle, Shot and Killed in Mount Vernon

Written By: Robert Cox

Darrell Evans Mug Shot.jpgAyana Evans, a 9-year old 4th grader who had recently attended Ward Elementary School, was shot and killed Friday by her father, Darrell Evans. Also killed by Evans Lorna Williams, 42, the girl’s babysitter. Grief counselors will be on hand at Ward and Trinity on Monday. Ayana Evans was enrolled at Martin H. Traphagen Elementary School in Mount Vernon at the time of the shooting.

The Evans Family issued a statement:

Evans Family Statement

The Evans family is shocked by the news of the death of Ayana and Ms. Williams and is devastated to learn that it was by the hand of Darrell. We cannot imagine any justification for such a horrific act under any circumstances.

We are deeply grieved by the loss of our niece. We wish to extend ourselves to support and console Joan and the Whitfield family and we are making efforts to do so.

Our hope is placed in the resurrection of Hebrews 11:35. While we realize that our words provide little comfort, we pray that the Holy Spirit of God will comfort Joan, the Whitfield family, and the Williams family in this time of tragedy. We ask that all those who believe in Jesus Christ pray for all of the families who have been touched by this catastrophe.

As for Darrell, we are asking God to provide us with some understanding as to what would bring him to commit such an act and we pray for his soul.