City of New Rochelle Hoping to Launch New Web Site Soon

Written By: Robert Cox

City Communications Director Kathy Gilwit tells Talk of the Sound the City hopes to have the long-awaited revamped web site live by the end of the month!

Fingers crossed.

Talk of the Sound has not been kind to the current web site:

City of New Rochelle Web Site Voted Worst in New York State

The New Rochelle web site is a byzantine monstrosity that is largely useless for all except the most dedicated and persistent users. Many of the most useful links – and there are a few – are buried so deep within the web site, the path to arrive at those links is so slow and confused, the wall surrounding the information so impenetrable that the only purpose for having the information there is so the City can say it’s there. Suffice to say, the phrase “user friendly” does not come to mind while connected to the New Rochelle Online web site. The good news is that the link to pay your parking fines works!