Washington Post Does Feature Story on New Rochelle’s Own Ray Rice

Written By: Robert Cox

Dave Sheinin, a Washington Post Staff Writer for the Sports page, has a lengthy story on Ray Rice and his mother and growing up in New Rochelle. The reporter came to New Rochelle and toured Ray Rice’s old stomping grounds at Isaac E. Young Middle School, New Rochelle High School and The Hollows, the housing project here he grew up.

Running back Ray Rice leads Baltimore Ravens into NFL playoff matchup with the Indianapolis Colts

The Hollows, as the project where the Rices lived for two generations is known, looks pretty much like this: Two non-descript, brick buildings, with a trash-strewn, concrete courtyard between them. Janet Rice strolled through that courtyard, pointing out the locations of some of her son’s milestones. This is where he learned to play football. That’s where he rode that bike as a two-year-old. That’s where he did his ‘Evel Knievel’ thing and bloodied up his face. Those monkey bars is where he would do pull-ups all day with the older kids, while the other kids his age were playing games.