Is New Rochelle City Manager Backing Off Charlene Indelicato as Development Commissioner?

Written By: Robert Cox

0DC28433-67E7-4C25-A028-108A87B31D87.jpgLast week we reported that New Rochelle City Manager Chuck Strome was about to appoint a new Development Commissioner to replace the recently deceased Craig King and that former City Manager Charlene Indelicato was among the two finalists.

Appointment of New Development Commissioner for City of New Rochelle Imminent; Charlene Indelacato a Finalist

By the end of the week no announcement had been made and Chuck Strome sent out an email which appears to reference our article.

I know many of you have heard that a new Commissioner of Development would be named this week. Unfortunately, it now appears that the process may take a little longer. As you all know, this is an extremely important appointment and we are making sure we do all our due diligence to make sure we get it right. I apologize for the delay and the impact it is having on all of you.

To that end, until the new Commissioner comes on board, please adhere to the following:

All operations and development matters should go through Joan McCallion

All zoning and planning matters should go through Ed Lynch

All Building matters should continue to go through Paul Vacca

All Section Eight matters should continue to go through Eileen O’Rourke

If you have any questions or want to speak with me directly, please feel free to let me know. Thank you for your cooperation and I hope to have this matter resolved shortly.

One thought on “Is New Rochelle City Manager Backing Off Charlene Indelicato as Development Commissioner?”

  1. Take your time Chuck – no criminals please
    In fact , this position should have a moratorium placed on it for one year. There is nothing so pressing that would need the commish to act on in the near future . Save the city some money . Take the appropriate time to get it right . You will have to search to fill the void left by Craig , so don’t rush into it . Do the city a favor this time . She’s not the right one if you ask me . Or should we look into the parkland giveaway to let’s see , was it Costco ? The city deserves better . The discrimination lawsuit against her would just be an embarrassment to the citizens . Oh and while you’re at it , dump the sustainability coordinator and communications director for a year or two . The savings would be over 250,000 dollars per year .

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