The Churches of Lincoln District

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While researching for this project, I read that the school board connected with the New Rochelle church leaders to promote understanding and kindness as the Lincoln children started in their new schools.

In a report by John Kaplan called “Civil Rights USA – Public Schools Cities in the North and West 1962, New Rochelle” he writes “The superintendent of schools also wrote the head of each relighous organization in New Rochelle asking that cooperation with the school board be urged to provide for the proper acceptance and adjustment of the transferrring pupils; he also held meeting with each of the elementary school principals and with the custodial staffs to assure a smooth reception to the transferees.”

As I drove up and down the streets in or adjacent to the Lincoln school district I noticed so many churches. Some were handsome and large, others small and intimate, tucked among houses. I tried to photograph as many as I could. If I missed your church, please post a photo of it in a comment.

Shiloh Baptist Church, Lincoln Avenue

Gospel Tabernacle Church on Lincoln Avenue

St. Catherine African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Zion Church on Lincoln Avenue

Faith Temple Church of God in Christ

The Episcopal Church on Remington Place

The Church of God of Prophecy Church on Winthrop Avenue

Saint Paul FBH Church on Prince Street

Photo needed of Bethesda Baptist Church on Lincoln Avenue

Photo needed of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church