LISTEN NOW: Talk of the Sound Managing Editor Robert Cox on a Very Special Edition of “Lou’s Roundtable” on WVOX 1460 AM

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wvoxlogo.jpgBob Cox will be the featured guest this week on a special edition of Lou’s Roundtable. Tune in Thursday, January 14, to WVOX, 1460 on your AM dial at 6 pm to listen to what promises to be a very interesting hour of talk radio. Find out what makes Bob Cox tick, learn about what inspired the New Rochelle Talk website and what Bob’s expectations are for the future. Once again this Thursday, January 14, at 6 pm on WVOX, 1460 on your AM dial. Tune in to listen and call in (914-636-0110) to participate I know I will — Anthony Galletta.


Click on the player above to the podccast of Lou’s Roundtable with host Lou Felicione with guests Robert Cox of Talk of the Sound and Anthony Galletta.
[EDITOR’S NOTE: previous appearance on WVOX where Bob Marrone asked about what animated the creation of Talk of the Sound (in two parts): Dec. 1 2009 and Dec. 4 2009.]

4 thoughts on “LISTEN NOW: Talk of the Sound Managing Editor Robert Cox on a Very Special Edition of “Lou’s Roundtable” on WVOX 1460 AM”

  1. Way to Go Lou ! Timely and Important Guests
    Some years ago, Anthony spoke to our civic assoc about the first round of PILOT programs and abatements given to the Avalon. In his usual, well thought out style, he described in detail the true costs to us (the taxpayer), and it was eye opening to say the least. That night he would reach about 35 people. I’m sure that in subsequent days/weeks the neighbors passed along the info/opinions to 100 more folks. Get the point? Thanks to Bob, Anthony reaches hundreds of people within hours. Information travels throughout the city instantly with a timely relevance in a way never seen before. A great platform, bringing insight and perspective to the citizens of this fine city. Congratulations to all and my personal thanks to all who contribute to the city’s success!

  2. A great interview
    I listened today as I had dinner, it was great hearing from Bob and the many contributors. Great job!! Looking forward to listening again.

    There was an interesting discussion on why some people use “nicknames” instead of actual names when posting. For me it is simple, I have children in the NR district and I don’t trust the petty tyrants who run it.

  3. Great Show
    Thanks to Lou Felicione for having Bob Cox as his special guest. It was a very interesting hour .I would like to thank all the bloggers and WVOX listeners who called in. I hope Lou will consider having Bob on a regular basis, possibly once a month. There is always something happening in New Rochelle to make a monthly special interesting and provocative.

    Anthony Galletta

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