Former New Rochelle Corporation Counsel Bernis Shapiro Resurfaces in Orange County

Written By: Robert Cox

B9271799-5581-45E0-A2A7-D70C6A8EA6B2.jpgThe Newburgh Advocate is reporting that former New Rochelle Corporation Counsel Bernis Shapiro is the new Corporation Counsel for the City of Newburgh.

Ann Kuzmik, Administrative Assistant to the City Manager of Newburgh confirms the Advocate story and tells Talk of the Sound Shapiro will be starting Monday, Feb. 1st. A formal announcement will be made later this week.

Last June we reported that Bernis Shapiro had been fired for insubordination after ordering letterhead which “demoted” Kathy Gill. The City formally disputed our reporting that Bernis Shapiro was fired and the Journal News reported the Sudden “Retirement” of the City Attorney. The City then disputed our report of a “Police Escort” out of City Hall for Bernis Shapiro but backed off when they learned we had the names of the two police officers who were called to City Hall that day. We reported when Shapiro was allowed back into City Hall to clear out her office and when the City of New Rochelle named Kathy Gill as “Acting” Corporation Counsel.

A few days later, on July 20, 2009, the law firm of Silverberg Zalantis announced Shapiro was “of counsel” and the first which specializes in representing municipal governments.

Bernis Shapiro, who served as New Rochelle Corporation Counsel for twelve years, has become “Of Counsel” to Silverberg Zalantis LLP. Ms. Shapiro has been a practicing attorney for 27 years. Her practice will continue to focus on the firm’s core areas of concentration which are zoning, land use, municipal law and complex real estate transactions.

The legal directory web site linked from the Silverberg Zalantis uses the name Bernis E. Nelson (maybe a reader can explain why).

Bernis E. Nelson is of counsel to Silverberg Zalantis LLP. Most recently, she served as Corporation Counsel of the City of New Rochelle for 12 years. Bernis started her career with the City of Peekskill where among other planning, zoning, legislative, prosecution, and defense responsibilities, she handled the documentation and closings for the major HUD and IDA funded industrial, commercial, and residential redevelopment projects. She additionally served in the private sector for 10 years, handling complex planning, zoning, landlord tenant, and estates matters.

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