New Rochelle Snowicane 2010 Closes School, Disrupts City Services, Puts Trains on Special Schedule

Written By: Robert Cox

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City School District of New Rochelle has announced that due to the forecast for inclement weather on Wednesday, February 10th, schools will be closed. To listen to the message from Schools Superintendent Richard Organisciak click here.

City of New Rochelle has announced that due to snow removal operations on Wednesday, February 10th, cardboard and paper recycling collection is cancelled. For the remainder of the week, only garbage will be collected in the north end and south end routes on Thursday and Friday, respectively. The next scheduled cardboard and paper recycling collection will be on Wednesday February 24th. Also be advised that the Hugh Doyle Senior Center will be closed tomorrow. Please assist the Fire Department by shoveling out any fire hydrants that abut your home or business. Thank you for your cooperation. To listen to the above message, click here.

Metro-North has announced they will operate a special storm schedule combining /eliminating select trains on Wed., Feb. 10. To read the Metro-North Special Storm Schedule – Wednesday February 10, 2010here.

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2 thoughts on “New Rochelle Snowicane 2010 Closes School, Disrupts City Services, Puts Trains on Special Schedule”

  1. Isaac Young Sledders
    My family and I went to Isaac Young for sledding today. For some reason Davenport Park was locked up. Too bad.

    But at Isaac Young we saw a group of 15 8th or 9th graders having a really great time. They were polite, friendly and had made a huge 5′ in diameter at least snowball, snowman base type thing. Then they made tons of snowballs and had a major snowball fight with lots of laughs. It was a nice old fashioned scene with no parents for them in sight, boys and girls, all races and nationalities. There were a few sleds and cardboard pieces that were soaked. They were there when we got there and remained after we left. They were probably there for hours. Nice scene, nice kids, great to see. Good luck to them in their lives.

  2. Mail Delivery Early Today!
    Despite the weather, we just got our mail. Thank you post office! “Through wind and rain and dark of night”

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