Recommended Reading: “Unions Are Bankrupting Us” on Newstands Now

Written By: Deprecated User

F57BB824-E2A9-4EEB-A286-C62D15114C9C.jpgCatherine Wilson has a must read piece in the February 11th issue of the Westchester Guardian. The paper is on newstands now. The online version will be posted in the WG Archives in the next few days. Click here to check if it has been posted.

In her article “Unions Are Bankrupting Us” she looks at the White Plains School District and explains that White Plains is representative of other District contracts in Westchester which includes New Rochelle.

This reinforces to me the notion that the major battlefront on cost containment in the district is here — it is far more important than equity inn property taxes and explains the annual need to go cap in hand for federal funding. The web site she quotes See Through New York offers access to union contract data along with numerous other public records.

The material is stunning and it cries out for challenges to the district to challenge and properly bargain for give-backs and union equity. what frightens me more than evil monkeys under the bed is the fact that Organisciak, by State Law, represents us in collective bargaining, not any member of the board. What we need to let people know is that FUSE cannot strike and we need to press for relief.