Gulp! New Rochelle Residents Drowning in New Water Taxes, Fees and Assessments

Written By: Robert Cox

images.jpegThought you had seen enough with the increasing City taxes, County Taxes, State Taxes and Federal Taxes and Cell Phone Taxes and Online Taxes and so on….?

If you don’t like the 55% rate increase from United Water or the extra $875,000 they will bill to the City of New Rochelle for fire hydrants (which will then be passed on to you in the form of a tax increase or cut in services)…then you are really not going to like the $1,000 per household “Sewar Tax” assessment coming next.

That will mean an average increase for about $250 per year for water plus another grand for the sewars plus you share of the 850k in hydrant fees. So, figure about $1,500 just for water and sewar. Oh, and we get zero from the Stimulus package to deal with run-off related flooding in New Rochelle.