Shapes of Things to Come: RI School Board Backs Superintendent in Firing Teachers at Failing School

Written By: Robert Cox

9F8B76ED-97BF-4E41-B88A-F614F6F1717B.jpgAs the New Rochelle School District prepares to unveil their 2010-11 budget, John Stossel writes about an unusual case in Rhode Island:

After the teacher’s union rejected a proposal that teachers at Central Falls High School, a failing school, get additional training (paid) and work an additional 25 minutes a day (unpaid) to help turn around the school, the Superintendent made a surprise move.

[School Supt. Frances Gallo] Gallo, unlike most officials who just cave in to public sector union demands because a) it’s not their money and b) it’s easier to give in, took a novel approach. She fired the lot of them.

Not their money? Easier to give in to the unions? Huh?

In a showdown vote the school board…backed the decision to fire the teachers!

Unions responded predictably “This is immoral, illegal, unjust, irresponsible, disgraceful and disrespectful…”