CVS Wins Approval for New Store on North Avenue

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images-1.jpegCVS received approval from the New Rochelle Zoning Board last night to open a new store at 218 north avenue. After many questions from the board the entire board voted in it’s favor. CVS spokesman said that they will now file for building permits and tell the two existing business (casa la babe-baby store & shoe store) to vacate. They have up to 6 months to do so.

CVS told the board that deliveries to the store will take place only from 7am to 9am and that their garbage will be picked up at that time as well. They also will put up cameras on the outside of the building.

CVS would not commit to a 24/7 operation of the story, to the disappointment of New Rochelle resident James O’Toole.

The store is expected to open within the next year.

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  1. Zoning Board only approved the area variance
    The Zoning Board of Appeals only approved the area variance for an onsite loading zone in front of the store. That is the extent of their approval. Any other approvals were granted by City Council. Many concerns were raised about the collection of garbage, the lack of parking, the windows in the alley way and traffic patterns. Several board members wanted CVS to commit to being open 24 hours but the CVS representatives refused to do that.

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