Talk of the Sound Countdown to 200,000 Unique Visitors

Written By: Robert Cox

Readers have been noticing that we are on the verge of hitting another milestone.

As of this moment, the web site is at 199,840. You can follow our progress here.

As a guess, I am going to say we reach 200,000 at 5:51 PM today.

Add your best guess as to when we hit 200,000 in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Talk of the Sound Countdown to 200,000 Unique Visitors”

  1. Well Done New Rochelle !
    Congratulations to Bob and #200,000. This is a real “vote of confidence” by the city of New Rochelle for a website that has actually changed the city for the better. By connecting people and fostering the exchange of ideas through open dialogue, this citizen participation is helping shape the city. Win /win for all involved. (Don’t forget to change the 100,000 on the banner).Bob, how long did it take to get to 100,000 and then to 200,000?

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