North Avenue Nastiness: Reality of New Rochelle “Quality of Life” Belies Mythical Developer-Funded Fantasyland

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This is what I see on my way from the Boulevard to the Transit Center walking along the South Side of North Avenue between the Memorial Highway overpass and the Transit Center. These shots are off Lockwood on North, and everyday there is new garbage and filth to look at. On my way to the NYC to earn the kind of income needed to pay my mortgage and City taxes this is what I navigate. Seems to me in order for the City of New Rochelle to begin to come out of the Dark Ages the City Manager and the Mayor would need to correct these day to day issues. Why would anyone want to live downtown and navigate this kind of disgust. Hello Noam should we draw you a map?

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  1. Perception is Reality
    Any developer coming to New Rochelle in hopes of pursuing a project via I-95 or traveling down North Ave. to City Hall would pass this filth and have second thoughts about investing their capital. This is not the first time the corridor has come under public scrutiny yet nothing is done. Maybe this is why Cappelli is the only developer New Rochelle can attract. It wouldn’t take much time, money or effort to clean this filth if there was a will to do so.

    While officials refuse to participate here we all know they check in to see what’s going on so to them I say; perception is reality.

    Anthony Galletta

    1. Anthony in the second photo
      Anthony in the second photo you may be able to make out the pidgeons feeding upon scraps of fast food strewn about. I have to figure the next step would be “Rats”. Although I am not sure why this street is worse than most within the area I must say so much of New Rochelle needs some TLC. These quality of life issues drag the City Down. I believe if you are hiding in your Ivory Tower so to speak 515 North Avenue and not getting out of your car when you go to and leave that Tower your going to figure your doing a great job. I suggest more residents get their Camera Phones out and bring the Photo’s to this site. Sooner or later they may wake up over there!

      1. Forechecker
        In the past I have sent photos of similar filth which existed on Charles St., where I resided, which included used condoms and feces. The local task force along with City Manager Strome was successful in approving additional street cleaning on designated streets. While this was a positive step what really needs to be addressed is the source of the filth. Over population due mainly to illegal housing plays a major role in the West End. There is a need to root out slum lords renting to individuals by the week and try to instill a sense of pride in all New Rochelle residents.

        A reactive approach is necessary to immediately remove the filth but proactively there needs to be an evaluation which would require someone leaving the Ivory Tower to determine and correct the source of the problem which I agree exists in many areas of the city. Yes a little TLC can go a long way.

    2. Enforce Littering Laws instead of them out!
      How about $500.00 fine for littering instead of driving away customers from downtown? If the city is so MISMANAGED that they must resort to adding 3 cso’s and driving customers to larchmont (no meters) yonkers, white plains etc. VOTE THEM OUT!!!!

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