Honda of New Rochelle Takes Sure Road to Alienating Customers

Written By: Robert Cox

Honda of New Rochelle.jpgLast spring my wife and I purchased a new Honda from New Rochelle Honda. We’ve been very happy with the car and had no problems with the dealership except their emails. They are sending emails to both my wife and myself. I have no recollection of opting for a list to get sales promotions. I am on a list to get information related to service of the vehicle.

As it should, the email has links to be removed from the list and to report abuse. The problem is that neither of the links work. Clicking them gives an “Invalid request” message. Even more odd is when I called to report the problem at the number in the email, 1-888-NEW-HONDA, the voice on the other end said “Huntington Honda”.

I called Honda of New Rochelle and was directed to the woman who handles Internet promotion. She confirmed that the three employees mentioned in the email — Fiori Gonzalez, Jennifer Gonzalez and Johnny Van-Huy — all work in New Rochelle. She seemed as puzzled as me as to why calls were being routed to Huntington Honda (their sister-store). She told me over the phone that the two email addresses I called about had been removed. Hopefully that will be the case so no complaints there. My concern is that they took the information I provided to American Honda Motor Company to be kept informed on service, safety and recall issues and dumped that information on to their marketing list – a major “no-no”.

I will leave it to Honda of New Rochelle to sort out the toll-free call routing with their pals in Long Island.

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  1. Let’s see, you gave your e
    Let’s see, you gave your e mail address to a car dealer and they sent you marketing material? How unthinking of a corporation that is in business to sell cars. Use the delete button instead of wasting your time making calls to who knows where.

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