If City Government Made the Right Decisions…

Written By: Deprecated User

Since 1992 The City of New Rochelle has been in a downwards spiral in a collision course with debt. Decisions under former mayor Tim Idoni and current mayor Noam Bramson have caused New Rochelle to be in its current economical and financial state. What use to be the Queen City of the Sound is now The Tramp on the Docks.

The city’s development decisions, under their watch, has caused economic disaster. Even an idiot knows that if you want to build a city, you must first build businesses, not residents. The Avalon Projects, New Roc City and Trump Tower were major errors that cost the City of New Rochelle millions of dollars while making Idoni’s, Bramson’s and other City Official’s pockets very full.

This is what should have been done, New Roc City should have been 80% retail and 20% entertainment development. By implementing retail, New Rochelle would have gained major revenue in sales tax. The Avalon project should have been high rise office buildings. Offices that could have held prestigious corporations, law firms, investment firms, and other businesses. If New Rochelle did it this way, New Rochelle would have benefited in collecting more property and school tax money from businesses rather then bleeding money out of it’s home owners. Trump Tower, this should have been phase 2 to New Roc City Retail Mall. Could you have imagined a beautiful mall where those two losing propositions now stand? A place where the people of New Rochelle could actually shop. A place where people from other communities could have spent their money.

If City Government made the right decisions, New Rochelle would have been a far better place to live. If City Government made the right decisions, the people of New Rochelle would still be proud be called New Rochelleians. If City Government made the right decisions, The City’s real estate prices would have been virtually unaffected. If City Government made the right decisions, property and school taxes would be affordable. If City Government made the right decisions, our school system wouldn’t be ranked poorly.

It’s time for change. The people will be heard. City Government must work for the People, no longer for their own personal gain. Idoni, Bramson and everyone who’s been in charge since 1992 have destroyed our City. It’s time to take it back! Vote for Change in 2010.