Two New Rochelle Nursing Homes Subject to State and Federal Enforcement Action, Long-Term Care Coalition Reports

Written By: Robert Cox

Sutton Park Nursing.jpgThe Long-Term-Care Community Coalition has released its Spring 2010 report on nursing home enforcement actions.

Two New Rochelle nursing homes are listed in the report.

Federal Fines:

Dumont Masonic Home – 7/16/09 – $6,500

Sutton Park Center for Nursing – 6/18/09 – $32,6303

NYS Attorney General Enforcement Actions:

Sutton Park Center for Nursing – 9/26/08 – Fined $2,000

Sutton Park Center for Nursing – 10/7/09 – DPOC, Inservice, DOPNA

(DPOC): A plan that is developed by the State or the Federal regional office to require a facility to take action within specified timeframes. In New York State the facility is directed to analyze the reasons for the deficiencies and identify steps to correct the problems and ways to measure whether its efforts are successful; In-Service Training: State directs in-service training for staff; the facility needs to go outside for help; Denial of Payments for New Admissions

(DoPNA): Facility will not be paid for any new Medicaid or Medicare residents until correction. 4 Immediate Jeopardy was corrected prior to the end of the survey. State will pursue enforcement.

h/t Thomas Galvin