New Rochelle Quiet on 2nd Anniversary of Easter Riot; Teens Descend on Times Square as Melee Ensues with 4 Shot, 54 Arrests

Written By: Robert Cox

New Rochelle Police were out in force last night in the area in and around New Roc City as the second anniversary of the Easter Riot came and went without incident. Officers were actively patrolling thee area in and around the New Roc, pulling over suspicious vehicles and generally keeping a tight lid on the area. No instances of large crowds gathering were observed as movies began to let out around 9 PM though until 12 PM.

Meanwhile, ABC Eyewitness News is reporting that 54 people were arrested and four people were shot after a melee erupted in Times Square.

The violence broke out after a yearly Easter Night ritual of a roving band of rowdy youths walking to Times Square after attending the auto show at the Javits Center. A large melee broke out in Times Square just before 11 p.m., sending police scrambling and leading to a number of arrests.

Video here: