Get Ready! New Rochelle 24/7 Metered Parking in Downtown Municipal Lots is on the Way

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The New Rochelle business improvement district (BID) will ask city council tomorrow night to approve a proposal to make the downtown parking lots 24/6 the only day that might not go is Sunday and holidays.Downtown business owners are very upset, this is just another way for the city to make money on the backs of business owners that operate at night in downtown New Rochelle.The Bid is doing this for the city so it’s leaders don’t look bad and the city council can always say that the Bid asked for this. The Bid is saying that they were approached by downtown business’s asking for this. The following questions must be asked of the BID ? Which business owners approached the Bid? Why was a downtown parking task force formed? Who is on the parking task force? Are any members of this task force residents of downtown new Rochelle? Do any of the task force members operate a business in the downtown after 6:00pm? Where does the Bid get there money from? How much money do the board members make? These are questions that should be answered by the Bid. Why not have a public hearing on this matter? Does Mr Strome and city council have the nerve to listen to the residents and business owners of the downtown new rochelle ? I guess we will find out tonight. Developing