Overnight Fire at 8 Sickles Avenue in New Rochelle Destroys Beauty Salon, No Injuries, Building Saved

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A fire broke out shortly before midnight at Princess Beauty Salon‎, a a beauty supply store located on the first floor of 8 Sickles Avenue.

Fire Commissioner Raymond “Doc” Kiernan said said the fire appeared to be an electric fire, possibly a curling iron left on in the store. Princess Beauty Salon totally destroyed and other near by stores have smoke and water damage. Al’s Barbershop, a longtime business in New Rochelle was among the damaged stores. United Gourmet Deli, located on the corner of North Avenue and Sickles Avenue will remain closed until the Westchester County Health Department inspects the store and permits them to re-open.

More than 25 firefighters fought the blaze for almost an hour. Bystanders were grateful for the quick response by the fire department with many express the opinion that if not for the rapid response time, the entire building could have been lost. No injuries were reported.

The building located at 8 Sickles Avenue is a two story structure with offices on the 2nd floor. Those offices also suffered smoke damage but the Fire Department said those tenants could return to their offices.

Police had North Avenue closed from North Avenue and Lockwood Avenue to North Avenue and the Boulevard.

UPDATE: United Gourmet Deli passed inspection by WCHD and is now re-opened.

Pictures and video will be posted in the morning along with the fire chiefs interview after the fire.

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The location of the fire:

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