J-EA, an Unsigned Underground Lyricist/Vocalist from New Rochelle, Called “the future of hip hop”

Written By: Robert Cox

J-EA Jonny James.jpgRappin Lounge has a story about an up and coming local rap artist:

Jonny James better known as J-EA is an unsigned underground Lyricist/Vocalist who resides New Rochelle, New York. He started rapping in 2000 in Newark New Jersey under the guidance of his older brother Namill. J-EA quickly excelled in battle rapping and was a dominant force in the area over the other rappers. Soon after winning his first couple of battles he decided to head back to his hometown to spread his name as the best in the area. He rapped against every rapper he can find off the streets or through the Internet looking for nothing more than recognition. In 2002 at the age of sixteen J-EA was in talks with Sony for a demo deal. But due to Sony wanting to change his image the deal did not pan out…

J-EA is currently touring in the New York area to promote his mix tape “Long Overdue” which includes “On To The Next” and “Come Ova”.