WCBS-TV Channel 2 News Picks Up Talk of the Sound Story on Burglary Spree

Written By: Robert Cox

Burglar reaching through broken glass.jpgNew Rochelle resident and Channel 2 News reporter Tony Aiello picked up our story, Team of Burglars Plague North End of New Rochelle; 21 Burglaries, 4 Attempted in Past Six Months.

Tony reports: Professional Gang On Burglary Spree In Westchester

Aiello visited the New Rochelle Police forensics unit:

Inside the New Rochelle police forensics unit, Det. Isabel O’Rourke has a growing collection of evidence from the spree, including pictures of windows forced open with crowbars; bedroom closets ransacked; and dressers searched for valuables in the targeted neighborhood, where homes start at $600,000.

Aiello interviewed New Rochelle residents:

Glenn Staropoli: “We’re nervous. We live in a pretty nice area, not used to this kind of stuff and now it’s starting to happen more and more.”

Bill Hertwig: “I’ve spoken to several neighbors who have gotten broken into. It’s a very upsetting experience, it’s one that I don’t want to experience.”

Aiello reports that similar burglaries have been occurring in the area around New Rochelle and all the way up to Rye. He also reports there have been 22 burglaries. The records I was provided went back to October 1, 2010 and show 21 burglaries but in either case that is a lot of incidents in a short time.

Readers should look through the list of incidents on the area map to see if incidents are missing from the list. Add that information in a comment (or tell us via email or phone) and we will inquire about the incident and, if appropriate, add it to the list.

Read the entire report from Channel 2 News here.