All About ICLEI – A Seven Part Series on the Radical Group Behind “GreenNR”

Written By: Robert Cox


All About ICLEI: Part I – The Mayor’s Speech
All About ICLEI: Part II – The ICLEI Pilot Program
All About ICLEI: Part III – The Five Milestones for Climate Mitigation
All About ICLEI: Part IV – United Nations Economic and Social Council & Agenda 21
All About ICLEI: Part V – Placing New Rochelle Under United Nations Mandates
All About ICLEI: Part VI – Anthropogenic Global Warming
All About ICLEI: Part VII – Sustained Development”.

One thought on “All About ICLEI – A Seven Part Series on the Radical Group Behind “GreenNR””

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    I read a post on here about a bad “email experience” at Honda of New Rochelle and I laughed to myself, I think that is a bit unfair to talk to so negatively of Honda of New Rochelle. I can only speak for myself but Vinny the salesman and the rest of the guys at Honda of New Rochelle did a fantastic job taking care of me and my family. We bought two cars from them because the prices were so good. I got a Pilot and my wife the Accord. Both great cars! Vinny threw in free Navigation Units for both cars cause it was two cars. Nice people there, no complaints! And they had our colors in stock, two other dealers didn’t have any , they just said they could probably get it. New Rochelle is the spot!

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