More Spam Emails from Honda of New Rochelle

Written By: Robert Cox

Honda of New Rochelle.jpgIn March I wrote Honda of New Rochelle Takes Sure Road to Alienating Customers, an article about how my car dealer keeps sending me spam emails.

Last spring my wife and I purchased a new Honda from New Rochelle Honda. We’ve been very happy with the car and had no problems with the dealership except their emails. They are sending emails to both my wife and myself. I have no recollection of opting for a list to get sales promotions. I am on a list to get information related to service of the vehicle.

Attempting to have my removed from the list proved a challenge. The “unsubscribe” links in the email did not work and the phone number on the email routed me to another dealer in Huntington, Long Island. I finally got through to a woman in New Rochelle who assured me she was removing me from the mailing list.

On April 6th I got an email from J.R. Buchbinder, the General Manager of Honda New Rochelle claiming that the purpose of my article was to disrupt his business and had no merit. Also, that my use of the Honda of New Rochelle logo in my article was illegal. None of which is true.

I advised Mr. Buchbinder to review the matter more thoroughly with his lawyer as there was absolutely no basis for his claims and I had no intention of taking down the article has he demanded. He contacted me later and we had a discussion about the situation. He came to understand that his legal theories were incorrect and assured me that my email address had been removed and I would not get any more marketing emails from Honda of New Rochelle.

Today, April 23, 17 days later, I got another marketing email from Honda of New Rochelle:

Honda Spam.jpg

2 thoughts on “More Spam Emails from Honda of New Rochelle”

  1. Honda of New Rochelle is Great
    Sorry to hear about your “email issue”, life could be worse tho… seems a little excessive to blog about it, but your entitled to your opinion, I had a much different experience at Honda of New Rochelle. Vinny the salesman and the rest of the guys at Honda of New Rochelle did a fantastic job taking care of me and my family. We bought two cars from them because the prices were so good. I got a Pilot and my wife the Accord. Both great cars! Vinny threw in free Navigation Units for both cars cause it was two cars. Nice people there, no complaints! And they had our colors in stock, two other dealers didn’t have any , they just said they could probably get it. New Rochelle is the spot! ill take them over anybody in the Tri-state, emails and all 🙂

  2. Interesting
    I received service from NR Honda a few weeks ago and now I am somehow on their job employment email circulation. It was almost laughable but I have no idea how they even received my email address and found it inappropriate to send an email of this kind to a valued customer.

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