Mayor Bramson Takes Calls on WVOX Regarding GreenNR Plan

Written By: Robert Cox

Mayor.gifOn Tuesday April 27th Mayor Noam Bramson took three calls on WVOX with Bob Marrone to discuss the GreeNR Plan recently presented to the City Council.

The first from Talk of the Sound Managing Editor Robert Cox who asked the Mayor to comment on the fact that a large number of New Rochelle residents cannot read the GreeNR Plan because they do not read English or do not have access to the Internet (or both). They Mayor said that a copy of the plan was available at the library. When a listener checked, it was reported that there GreeNR Plan was not in the library. The Mayor later disputed this but did agree to put make sure there were several copies available at the library. Cox pointed out that in the Mayor’s rather long monologue about the plan he did not mention any costs associated with the plan. The Mayor said the plan was about cost savings not costs.

Download mp3 file of segment with Robert Cox.

Peggy Godfrey of the New Rochelle Reform Club asked about an element of the plan regarding “lateral lines”, saying that replacing the lateral lines would appear to be a cost. The Mayor denied that this was a cost because the plan only says that this would be “considered”. The Mayor said that another option might be that a developer would be required to replace lateral lines in the area around the development propoerty. Godfrey pointed out that these were still costs.

Download mp3 file of segment with Peggy Godfrey

Mitch Tarnopol of the New Rochelle Democratic Party who was on one of the committees called to say that the people on the Sustainability Advisory Board were really smart and that he was in awe of them.

Download mp3 file of segment with Mitch Tarnopol