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Two More Attempted North End Burglaries Round Out Month of April

Written By: Robert Cox

New Rochelle BURG _ ATT BURG April 10-30 2010.jpg

Earlier this month, Talk of the Sound broke the news that a team of burglars was hitting homes in the North End of New Rochelle. Tony Aiello of WCBS-TV Channel News picked up the story and expanded on our report.

At the time there were 21 burglaries, 4 attempted in the North End of New Rochelle, although NRPD told Tony Aiello that not every incident was the work of the professional gang the police believe are responsible for the burglary spree so WCBS reported 22 total incidents not 25.

To round things out and set up running a monthly count, Talk of the Sound obtained the monthly incident report for burglaries and attempted burglaries in New Rochelle since April 9th, 2010, the last data for which we collected data. As long as this remains an issue, Talk of the Sound will report the monthly data.

Talk of the Sound has been calling on the City of New Rochelle to make more crime data and data mapping information available to residents.

Open Letter to City Hall: How About Crime Mapping Software for the New Rochelle Police Department?

Of course, NRPD has all this data (that’s where we get it) and has the software to produce the maps but the City Council directs NRPD not to provide this information to the public. As the above article makes clear, jurisdictions large and small all across the United States routinely publish “comp stat” data to enlist help from the public in combating certain types of crime but our elected officials apparently believe residents are better off not knowing about particular changes and prefer to keep all of us in the dark while crime sprees are underway as has been the case since last fall in the North End.

You can see an interactive map of the last 7 months of comp stat data for New Rochelle burglaries and attempted burglaries between October 1, 2009 to April 30, 2010.