Candidates for New Rochelle School Board Address Reform Club and Confederation

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On Wednesday April 28 three candidates for the New Rochelle School Board addressed the New Rochelle Citizens Reform Club and the New Rochelle Confederation of Neighborhood Associations. Jerome Smith, an incumbent for 15 years told the group he had served as an officer in the Daniel Webster PTA and on the City-wide Council. As a former employee with IBM he has the background to scrutinize the school budget. He said the 94% of our students going to college was an indication of the strength of the education here.

Valerie Orellanna is currently the Co-President of the PTA and has been a single parent since l999. Currently she is the Vice-President of the Halcyon Neighborhood Association. She is an advocate for innovation in education and feels teachers deserve an increase in pay.

The third candidate, Lee Ann Merchant, served as a Trustee on the Library Board for 12 years. She believes in public schools and supports teachers, but she will also hold them accountable.

On May l0 there will be a candidate forum at the New Rochelle Public Library and on May l8 the election will take place.

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  1. It looks like there’s NO
    It looks like there’s NO choices, yet again.

    Do any of the board candidates have a party affiliation?

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