The Mystery of the Primary Residence of New Rochelle School Board Candidate Jerome Smith or “Where in the World is Jerome?”

Written By: Robert Cox

DSC_0555.jpgTalk of the Sound previously reported that it has received information that New Rochelle School Board Candidate Jerome Smith no longer has a primary residence in New Rochelle. These sources encouraged Talk of the Sound to look North, towards Orange County for more information on Smith…so we did. And sure enough, Smith owns a house in Woodbourne, just outside Monticello, NY.

A review of New Rochelle tax records confirms that Smith does not have a STAR Exemption on his property at 37 Watkins Place.

On April 10, 2010, Jerome Smith filed a Residency Attestation as a School Board Candidate for 2010 Election

Jerome Smith Candidate Affirmation of New Rochelle Address.jpg

But a search of the AT&T Phone Directory shows another residence owned by Jerome Smith up near Monticello in Orange County which sources tell Talk of the Sound is his current primary residence.

Jerome Smith in Woodbourne NY.jpg

Jerome Smith Woodbourne Area Map.jpg

The tax records show that the property is jointly owned with a Shawn Smith residing at an address in Queens, NY.

Jerome Smith Fallsburg Tax Record 2010.jpg

The AT&T Phone Directory lists Shawn Smith

Shawn Smith Queens NY.jpg

The New York City Property Portal lists Shawn Smith as Trustee of the property which is held in an Irrevocable Trust by Jerome Smith.

Shawn Smith owner of Jerome Smith Trust.jpg

The property 47-07 169th Street in Queens, NY has two property tax exemptions including a school tax exemption:

Shawn Smith School Tax Relief.jpg

3 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Primary Residence of New Rochelle School Board Candidate Jerome Smith or “Where in the World is Jerome?””

  1. subpoena his credit card records
    If he did in fact file a false statement, it should be easy to check his credit card statements to see where he buys his groceries, gas, goes out to eat, has deliveries sent etc. Also, any emails he has sent can be traced back to his IP address and his internet service provider can provide the physical address of where they originated. This is a serious charge and should be investigated by people other than the crooks in New Rochelle.

    1. Is this a matter for the District Attorney ?
      Who handles election fraud? Who prosecutes false election filings?

      1. No one cares
        That’s why they get away with it.

        Who are you going to complain to? The people in Albany are there to serve the teachers union. They do not want any trouble involving people like Smith who support higher taxes and bigger budgets/

        You think the DA is your friend? Forget about it. She wants votes from Dems in New Rochelle.

        The State Ed department? Wrong again.

        They are all going to say the same thing — this is a local matter which must be addressed by the responsible local authority…the Board of Ed.

        So, you are going to ask the Board of Ed which includes Smith to file a complaint against Smith? It is the board that encouraged Smith to run in the first place because he is a reliable “yes” vote when they need one. The only time I have ever seen Smith take any sort of stand was when Lacher, et al orchestrated their little coup to dump Quay Watkins as BoE VP.

        As one friend often says “liars, crooks and thieves”…that’s who runs the New Rochelle school system and that’s who they hire under them.

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