Soap Box Derby 2010 – Photos from the hill

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It felt like 100 degrees and I have a new appreciation for firemen tattoos. Here is a fun animation from the 2010 Soap Box Derby that took place on Sunday, June 6th on Quaker Ridge Road.

Here is a photo slideshow from the day –

Here are some fun facts:

* The big winner of the day was a 6th grade GIRL from Isaac Young. Girl Power! She gets to compete in Akron, Ohio in July. The event covers part of the travel expenses.

* The brakes of the cars are “Flintstone technology”. If you look at the photos you will see that it is a 5″ square that gets dragged along the ground to stop the car. At the bottom of the hill, if the brakes don’t work, the firemen throw a traffic cone under the car.

* The race is very official, complete with an expert from Akron, Ohio to do the timings. She was a volunteer, too.

* All the cars are weighed in. It has to be 200 lbs for the “Stock” and 230 for the “super stock”. This includes the weight of the child. Gym weights are put into the vehicles to make up the difference. They are on metal rods with butterfly nuts. Check out the photo of the old scale, plus the digital scale on top of it in the slide show.

* Local sponsors are welcome. It costs approx. $500 for a kit, plus $100 for tires. Then you have to make it!

* The New Rochelle race is unique in that after an accident, the firemen scramble to repair the vehicles before the next heat. It is a mad rush and an heroic effort. Thanks for that! We needed it.

* Sometimes spare soap box cars are available. Call a few days before the event next year to inquire. You still have to pay the $150 entry fee, however.

* In the photos notice the Ward Acres barn and it’s sad state of affairs.

* I heard the cars go about 20 mph, but the moms think they go faster.

Thanks for a really fun time. Thanks to the fire department, the sponsors, and the volunteers. Thanks for the neighbors who allowed the event, too.

We enjoyed it all!