Double Dipping Pension Incentives Changed to Single Dip

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Tara Martin sent emails which stated Ken Jenkins, Majority Leader of the County Board of Legislators, said the budget staff had been analyzing the “potential fiscal impact for the 276 employees that opted to separate from County government.”

This group modified the legislation so that employees could choose either the County’s voluntary separation payment program or the New York State early retirement program, not both. The hearing for Monday at 9 a.m. is still scheduled and residents will be heard on the new bill.

One thought on “Double Dipping Pension Incentives Changed to Single Dip”

  1. It was never alive as BOTH being options

    Your previous column was not true.

    NYS Legislation prohibits any participation in a local incentive if participating in the NYS incentive so your original article with the grossly OBESE woman picture you published of the eating of a complete cream topped cake/pie was inaccurate and of no service to hard working taxpaying County employees.


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