SHOCKER: Journal News Endorses Varian for Westchester County Legislator; Calls Marcotte’s VIews “Troubling”

Written By: Robert Cox

Journal News:

Greg Varian.jpgOn Greg Varian….

We endorse Varian, a lawyer from New Rochelle, because of his smarter approach to finding savings — one that properly recognizes that the county can be a catalyst for reducing overall government costs, including by assuming some chores performed by various local governments.

Sheila Marcotte.jpgOn Sheila Marcotte…

Marcotte, a Republican who serves on the Eastchester Town Board, has a long list of public service. She has been on the town board seven years and has also served as Village of Tuckahoe trustee, planning commissioner and library trustee. These pages have endorsed her in the past, noting her tremendous energy and commitment to local government. But while Marcotte has the edge in terms of government experience, she advocated some positions we found troubling.

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3 thoughts on “SHOCKER: Journal News Endorses Varian for Westchester County Legislator; Calls Marcotte’s VIews “Troubling””

  1. What’s so shocking?
    This is the same rag that endorsed Andy Spano last fall so why should they change their ways now? Electing Greg Varian is only going to strengthen the big spending liberals that in part have gotten Westchester County the title of HIGHEST taxed county in the nation. Electing Sheila Marcotte will give some much needed support to Rob Astorino, our county executive who’s battling a very resistant democratically controlled County Legislature to reduce ANY county spending.

    Sure Varian will be quick to point out that county taxes are only 10 or 15% of our overall property tax burden, but anyone out there can feel free to pay that for me, I could use a little help. But lets not forget about all the other taxes that Andy and his gang put in for Westchester County residents to pay. Let’s see a couple that quickly come to mind are the county mortgage tax and all those DMV surcharges that we pay. Oh yeh, and they’ve raised the sales tax a number of times too.

    Varian’s also quick to lable himself an outsider, but I don’t think you can cast yourself as an outsider when you do as much business as he does at city hall in NR. And remember our friend Dominic Procopio? The guy who beat the city for years by filing for false STAR exempions? He’s supporting Varian, just drive by 7 Pinebrook Road and you’ll see the signs, so for Mr. Varian to say he’s an outsider is crazy. Jim Stowe’s also got a Varian sign on his lawn and just this morning I got a nice email from Noam Bramson urging me to vote for Greg Varian. Politcal outsider? Guess again.

    Do any of the Democrates, now or previosly, on the Westchester County Board of Legislature advocate reducing any taxes for us? The answer is absolutely NO! They could care less so long as they can keep their staff and their pensions are guaranteed.

    I can tell you 1 thing, Astorino would like to cut taxes and so would Sheila Marcotte if elected which is why you should vote for her on June 22nd.

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