Open Letter to Iona College: Promises Made for Mayflower Playground Should Be Kept Before Any New Construction

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Ione College Proposed Dorm.jpg

As Iona College continues its expansion with plans to build new dormitories — removing more property from the city’s tax rolls — a promise made to build a playground on a recently acquired property has not been kept. The agreement was verbal and it has become apparent several years later that the college has no immediate plans to make good on their promise.

That must change before Iona College is permitted to expand further.

With Iona College now seeking permission to build a new 10-story dorm on North Avenue, the time is right for the City to put the college on notice that they will not entertain their request further until the playground the college promised is built.

Iona College does not pay property taxes but still receives full city services, including police and fire. The least they could do is see to it that promises to the community are are kept and agreements honored.

Maybe Michael Freimuth, our new Development Commissioner, could look into this and “encourage” the College to honor their promise before any other projects are considered for approval by the New Rochelle City Council.


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