County District 10 Election Results: Marcotte Wins, Varian Vows “I’ll Be Back”

Written By: Robert Cox

Varian Concession Speech.jpgI am at Varian headquarters in New Rochelle (Spectators). The polls have closed and a crowd has begun to gather. The only pols here so far are County Clerk Tim Idoni, Mayor Noam Bramson and Councilman Barry Fertel.

UPDATE: County Board of Legislators Majority Leader Ken Jenkins has arrived.

UPDATE: Greg Varian arrived at 9:53 Pm to mournful hugs. Not a good sign.

News12 holding their call to 10 PM but we will call it here. Marcotte has won.

UPDATE: Idoni introduces Varian who then makes a nice speech ending with a Terminator impression, “I’ll be back”.image592451503.jpg

3 thoughts on “County District 10 Election Results: Marcotte Wins, Varian Vows “I’ll Be Back””

  1. Uphill battle
    This was a spirited race and Greg was swimming against the tide in a perfect storm. I would like to congratulate both candidates for giving their all. Ms. Marcotte will be an ally to County Executive Astorino to fulfill the mandate of bringing taxpayer burden under control and I’m sure as Greg said, he will be back.

  2. Unofficial results Show the Tables are Turning. TOS calls it!
    According to the Westchester County Election Results Website —————————— ELECTION RESULTS | WESTCHESTER COUNTY ELECTION RESULTS


    Unofficial Tally of Election Results
    Westchester County Elections Office LEGISLATOR DISTRICT 10
    PARTY 66 Districts out of 67 Reporting (98)% Votes Percent
    105 Absentee Votes Cast
    DEM GREG VARIAN 2,095 40%
    WOR GREG VARIAN 114 2%
    GREG VARIAN Totals 2,209 42%
    SHEILA MARCOTTE Totals 3,085 58%
    Office Totals 5,294 100%


    Last Update: 06/22/2010
    Time: 22:13:12
    Great job to all of you who went out to make a difference, and thanks to Talk of the Sound for the coverage.

    1. varian dirty politics
      wish I would have walked faster, missed a car plate # but could I. D. the P.O. S. that on election day, yanked out Marcotte signs on election day. Happened at the Nature Study on Webster. Your car had a distinctive mark, hope I find it. Nice Democratic strategies.

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