Cohen Calls on Oppenheimer to Disavow Working Families Party and Reject Endorsement

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WHITE PLAINS – Citing an ongoing federal investigation into the convoluted and secretive organizational structure and campaign practices of the Working Families Party (WFP), state Senate candidate Bob Cohen (R, I, C – 37th District) today called on incumbent Senator Oppenheimer to reject the Party’s endorsement. Cohen also said that the WFP’s big spending, anti-taxpayer agenda would do further damage to the weakened economy and a state government on the brink of financial collapse.

“If Senator Oppenheimer has any interest in reforming Albany and working toward lasting solutions to solve the state’s fiscal crisis, the first thing she needs to do is reject the endorsement of the Working Families Party,” said Cohen, who noted that the Senator has consistently run with the WFP endorsement in the past. “The Party is clearly standing in the way of reform and its radical, costly agenda would only add to the financial burdens already facing overtaxed New Yorkers.”

The WFP is currently under investigation by United States Attorney Preet Bharara for its campaign finance activities. The Party has been accused of illegally using non-profit corporations to circumvent political donation limits, giving preferred candidates an unfair advantage in Democratic primaries. Accusations have also been reported that the Party’s for-profit arm, Data and Field Services, was charging significantly lower fees than usual to preferred candidates.

The WFP, which is closely aligned with the radical group ACORN, is composed of a variety of public employee unions and special interest organizations that oppose fiscal reform in state and local government and promote increasing spending, raising taxes, and expanding debt to bloat the public workforce.

“Putting the ethical and legal issues aside, the Working Families Party stands for increasing the size and scope of government at any cost, regardless of the consequences,” said Cohen. “I will not seek or accept the Working Families endorsement because their platform would hinder our ability get the state’s fiscal house in order. Senator Oppenheimer should follow the example of Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Cuomo and all of the other candidates for governor who refused to accept the Party’s nomination.”